1. Alright I’ll admit. I didn’t expect him to pop like a water balloon oh my. That’ll certainly cause a commotion

  2. As a survivor, this was so cathartic. Thank you. <3

  3. He blew up real good!

    Clay, this is great. I actually cheered out loud when the big palooka exploded. Plus I loved Daffy’s “Oh fudge” face.

    I just binged the whole strip. I keep up with Depression Comix, but haven’t with this one & didn’t know what I was missing.

    Now I can look forward to what happens next. On that note, I wonder how the bouncer blowing up will affect business.

    And there’s a few other scumbags who could stand exploding…

    1. Author

      Thanks for the kind words Peter, this is the comic I do when I’m not doing depcom. It is really good to follow characters rather than follow a specific theme.

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