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  1. C. August 31, 2022

    I hope she leaves as bad of a bruise on him as he did her. It’s the very least he deserves.

  2. Duck September 11, 2022

    “Before she passed out she wanted to sleep with me.”
    And his buddy too, I guess. If a woman is ready to sleep with one random stranger, she has no right to complain if another random stranger takes a turn. What’s the difference, right?

    And I have to wonder what she did to give him that impression. Accept a drink?

    Some time ago I mentioned to a friend that young me never would have accepted a drink from a stranger. Not because I was worried about drugs but because somehow movies and pop-culture got it into my head that by accepting a drink from someone I kindasorta owed him sex. Just like I’d low-key assumed that going on a third date with someone would signal to him I wanted sex and by giving that impression I kinda owed it to him.

    (Young me was very bad with social cues and tried to figure out the rules by consuming pop culture. Adult me is still bad with social cues but better at sourcing the rules.)

    My friend was stunned – and mildly offended I think – when I then told him that I still wouldn’t accept a drink from a stranger, because while these days I know I didn’t owe him sex, I would be too worried the guy would assume I owe him sex, and I’d rather stay away from that sort of situation.

    I read this strip the first time a few days ago and I can’t get that line out of my head: “Before she passed out she wanted to sleep with me?”

    How little did it take for him to assume that?

    • clay October 18, 2022 — Post Author

      I left it intentionally vague — he doesn’t say “she said she wanted to sleep with me” or anything like that — he’s probably the kind of guy who just assumes that conversation itself leads to sex. After all, if she really wanted to sleep with him, he wouldn’t have to have drugged her.

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