1. So, a new sister? We hadn’t seen Daisy before.

    1. Author

      Yes, Daisy is a new sister. I wanted to take a break from the current storyline — it was one continuous story in one night that I started in 2017!

  2. oo maybe time to learn about this Lava Law? I wonder what other rules are in place!
    It makes sense that the killer has to be dead for the revenge angle (I wonder if that’s the snake guys someone else mentioned ages ago? or maybe those are also murder victims?), but sucks when you don’t know who killed you so you never find out what happened. Unless, it’s the snake guys, and you can maybe find out that way?
    Always happy to see an update and the cool (err, hot?) way you draw lava 😀

    1. Author

      I had the Lava Law rules in place for a while as I had to think logically about the characters. After all, if you get a second chance at life and have all these crazy powers you’re probably going to go hunt your killer for sure. So I needed a reason why that recourse wasn’t available and hence the Lava Law.

  3. Is that the waitress from the bar? Or a new character?? It’s been so long…

  4. Is this that blonde waitress at the bar? Freckle pattern looks the same. Or a different character? It’s been a while since we saw her, so I’ve lost track…

    1. Author

      Answering this and the above comment at the same time, the waitress is Starrr, but this is a new character called Daisy. She’s basically here to show how Dead Sisters come into being.

  5. After explanation in previous page, we could guess that Daisy’s killer is one of the guys who just exploded.

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