1. oh dear, what are Daffodil’s powers where just touching her makes you explode?? I wonder if the other women have the same power, or if they have different powers, or if Daffodil is unique in having powers at all.
    Poor guy, just trying to help 🙁

    1. Well, I think we’ve seen every sister use illusions, and I think Daffy isn’t only one who can alter memories.

      1. Oh good point, I forgot about the illusion magic! It’s been so long I should give this comic a reread to refresh myself.

    2. Considering he’s the guy who was screaming at Sunny earlier, he’s not exactly a prime catch. But he was trying to be decent here.

      1. Oh wow it’s been so long I totally forgot he appeared before! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Boy, I really needed this today. Thanks, man.

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