Tomoe Toyosaka (cover for Sexy Losers)



This is the cover of Sexy Losers that appeared in January, 2005. I actually had pencilled and inked it a year earlier but procrastinated this one as much as possible. Looking back at it now, I think I was on top of my game for coloring on the computer, I don’t think I could do the hair that way again. For posterity’s sake, here is the original pencils and inks, (I think the pencils are superior to the finished work, I ruin everything by inking):





    This is my favorite of your covers from SL. Only my opinion, of course, but the inking on this is superb - you most assuredly did not ruin it!! Is it possible to purchase this in a larger size?

    Chris Williams | 5 years ago Reply

      Hi Chris, Thanks for the kind words. This is one of my most favorite ones too. I had a bit of advice from Space Coyote who always said go bold with the lighting, and it worked on this one. At some point soon I am going to offer these up as prints and such, and also as downloadable content. I'm learning a lot about e-commerce plugins and such and how to make this happen, so please stay tuned. Right now I am working on making all the depression comix strips available on prints at deviantART, when that is finished I am going to work on building a store here.

      clay | 5 years ago Reply

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