The Haunted Me

The Haunted Me – Tuesday June 14th, 2016 – Pages 31 and 32

I THOUGHT I had finished it, but I really hadn’t. Leaving it at that last panel on page 30 felt more like a forced cliffhanger, and didn’t really make the first part in itself feel like it was something whole. This was really stopping me mentally from continuing this story which I hadn’t added anything in over a month. So I thought about this a lot, and decided to continue it until it felt finished, from the last point. It does feel to me at least like a natural continuation from page 30, and thematically wraps up the book in a way I find more satisfying.  You can read the whole section here.

The Haunted Me #2 pages 1 and 2
The Haunted Me - Tuesday June 14th, 2016 – Page 30
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