The Haunted Me

The Haunted Me #2 – Thursday June 30th, 2016

Thursday June 30th, 2016

Finally some new Haunted Me!  Here are the next three pages in the story that I just hadn’t gotten around to posting on this particular website for some reason and I apologize.  It’s always good to be able to draw Marie, and I really regret not making her the main character instead of Eric.  Now that I look back at this the coloring is a bit weird as I added another layer of shading on top of the flats I usually do, and I’m regretting that move as well.  I did want his room to look darker, and it was a bit of an experiment and looked good at the time but now it looks messy.

Sunday, November 21, 2015 (three months earlier)
Thursday June 30th, 2016
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  • CT65

    I haven’t seen any other comments for this series, but I wanted to say it’s an absolutely fantastic work. The suspense is killing me and I’m looking forward to hearing about this “Melting Lady”

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