The Haunted Me

The Haunted Me #2 pages 6-8

Friday June 17th, 2016.

Click on the above to see the whole chapter.

The dialogue is from “Police Squad” episode 1, probably one of the funniest TV shows ever put to tape. I wanted something that would be eternally funny, and I guess I just wasn’t confident in my own “comedic genius” to write original funny.  If someone complains I’ll have to go and change it I guess.

I think I’m getting better at drawing dark.  The first panel in the chapter is one of my favorite panels I’ve ever drawn.  I got scared drawing this part but I think it came out OK. Probably to make it more effective I should have drawn it out more.

The Haunted Me #2 pages 9-11
The Haunted Me #2 Page 6
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