The Haunted Me

The Haunted Me #2 p 14-17 Saturday June 18th, 2020

Four pages I forgot to add to the site for the longest time.  2021 was a year I was struggling to draw pages and struggling even more to post them, and posting was the part that often got clobbered.

In this four page part, Marie tries to deal with the racism she’s encountering in her new town.  This was not an element I meant to get into at all when I was first developing the comic, but it ended up in it.  The primary reason why was the date — 2016 — and every time I had to type it in I remembered that year and how terrible it was, and how it began a succession of terrible years.  This chapter brings up the name Trump for the first time, and how racism was starting to become even more belligerent during this time.

Saturday June 18th, 2016.

Sunday June 19th, 2016.
Saturday June 18th, 2016.
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