The Dead Sisters

Sunflower & the Dead Sisters #49 & #50

This two set of strips reveals a lot about Marigold’s past.  #49 is a flashback, #50 is Marigold talking about it.  I really had a problem with the second panel of #49, how to deliver a dialogue like that. I wanted to show Steve as a racist asshole, and I overdid it the first time, but the final version is better I think. I really went back on forth on how to tell Marigold’s story — should it be flashback or should she just tell it. I ended up with combination of both. I think it really adds to the story to see human and pregnant Marigold, but I really didn’t want to show the violence either. Marigold’s story is based on the Watts murders.  Those murders really hit me hard. I love my family, and the idea that you could kill them is just something beyond my understanding.

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Sunflower and the Dead Sisters #51
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