The Dead Sisters

Sunflower and the Dead Sisters #53 and 54

You can read #53 here.

You can read #54 here.

On 53: More Daffy and Sunny.  Thankfully Daffy has more to say this time around, and naturally the conversation turns to organs. Daffy is a fun character to write for and a great addition to the cast.  I was having a hard time figuring out how to end this one, I didn’t want to start something in the fourth panel, then it just struck me to let Daffy be Daffy and have her say something irrelevant.

On 54:  Sunflower is getting pissed off now. I’d imagine Daffy is not an easy one to get information from, and I was wondering how to end this one as well, but it felt like Daffy understands how difficult she is, and that she is trying to communicate but she can’t do it very well. This really makes me resonate with her, and I think it makes her really relatable. It was fun with the Beer Star in panel 3, it almost looks like an ad. It’s a private joke in which all products in my comics are made by Star Corporation.

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