The Dead Sisters

Sunflower and the Dead Sisters #33

This will be the last Sunflower strip posted here, full strips will happen at the new dedicated site ( here ) like they do with depression comix. Commentary and links will be provided here instead.

A few people got confused — the Dead Sisters, in order to mingle with the living, project an illusion to hide their non-human assets like their horns and their eyes. This is done consciously so what happens when a person sees them in a position the Dead Sister doesn’t expect they see their true form. This is what happened to Sunny a few strips ago when she didn’t know about a hidden camera, and Marigold, who doesn’t get out that much doesn’t think about projecting her illusion into a mirror. I think it’s more clear when people read the strip continuously but when you read it when it’s updated these points can get lost.

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