The Dead Sisters

Sunflower #8

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  • Amelie

    See this is why I stay away from crowds in trying to mind my own business. Especially drunk crowds. It’s not exactly presenting people at their best possible selves. . .

    • clay

      Myself, I believe that alcohol doesn’t change people’s behaviour as much as it unlocks what behavior they would do if they believed they could get away with it. This way, people don’t do horrible things because of alcohol, they do things because alcohol lets them think they can get away with it or takes away their ability to think about the consequences of their actions.

      As a male, I didn’t know a lot about this. But the more I talked to women the more I learned about the behavior they experience on a daily basis. It really is frightening, and knowing what I know now I didn’t realize how much fear there really was in these social situations. And sadly, the fear is well founded.

  • C.

    “Are these people cognizant of how absolutely shitty they are to each other…or are they just too fucking self-centered to care??”

    That is a very good question…it’s one I’ve been asking myself for decades.

    • clay jonathan

      When I learned about roofies I felt this way. I wondered how a human being could drug another person and assault them and be totally okay with themselves for doing it? How could you rationalize this to yourself that this was OK? I can’t understand it at all. We all tend to do thoughtless things once in a while but actively victimizing someone is something I can’t process. And that it’s so common is something that blows my mind.

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