The Dead Sisters

Sunflower #3

in whych Sunflower enlists assistance


Sunflower #4
Sunflower #2
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    • clay

      Thanks for the kind words. I’ve been trying to remove all anime-influences out of my style and trying to find what I do myself best. Thanks for reading my work!

      • macksting

        In my opinion, your art has evolved, and the anime influences are less obvious than they were, but the period where it was most greatly influenced by anime was not in any way a detriment. Even then your style was unique, and your work admirable. Your style has continued to grow and evolve; I would recognize it anywhere even now, perhaps because I’ve watched you change and grow over the years. In a sense, you’ve retained the best parts of your influences while abandoning what no longer served you or the stories you wanted to tell.

        Proud weebs all. Let us embrace the weeb. Weeb happy few.

        This is beautiful stuff. I look forward to keeping up with it as it chugs along.

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