Spike! (1999)

1999 was a pretty ambitious year for me. It was the year I left my life in Canada behind and moved to Japan permanently. It was the year I started Sexy Losers/the THIN H LINE. I went to two conventions. And I was drawing pretty much every day, whether it be Aphasia, the THIN H LINE, various illustrations, or stand alone comics for OFU (our art group) or galleries like MAH or MOM.

MOM was the monthly contest started my friend, Tang Ho. Before I left for Japan, I wanted to do something really ambitious for his site, so I started drawing this comic. However, as I was getting closer to leaving for Japan, things I had to do started piling up and I never got to finish this. But it had some interesting ideas in it, and there’s always a part of me that wants to finish it. Maybe this post will gauge interest to see if it’s worthwhile.

You can read the ten pages that got finished here (NSFW). Like a lot of what I did in 1999, it’s adult oriented. In 2004, I thought about doing it and redid the character design for Spike, making her more plain:


I’d still like to do this comic. I haven’t forgotten about you, Spike.


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