Sexy Losers #279 “Mother’s Little Helper [2 of 9]” (NSFW)

When I got to this strip, I realized I messed up on the previous one — Mrs. Shibata was shown in the last panel naked, when in the story I had written she was supposed to be wearing a bra. The bra was going to be a plot point later on, so I had to change some things in the story to accommodate. For example in this strip she is naked in every panel, but I kind of wish I left that bra in there because it kind of escalated a little quickly. It would have been better for Kenta to establish his erection while Mrs. Shibata was dressed, and Kenta doesn’t seem to react to his mom being naked in the kitchen. Of course, it could be a regular occurrence in the household, after all, she does do housework in a bra, and she masturbates in the shower with the door open. She is not exactly shy with her body, so maybe this is just how it is.

There really isn’t much more to say as this is a transitional strip, except that it will escalate from here. The Shibata strips were always fun to do because they really pushed the boundaries, like how far it could go before it got really really wrong. I’m happy to say that I think this series will push that boundary further still, that’s why it’ll take 9 strips to get there.

You can read the strip here. As always, any Sexy Losers link is NSFW.

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    Found your sexy losers site by accident. Haven’t enjoyed such madness since Zap Comix. You’re truly awesome, and the rightful heir to that genre. A+!

    Patrick Hickey | 7 months ago Reply

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