Sexy Losers #278 – “A Harry Situation”

I love parodies. In Sexy Losers, I have parodied Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Blade Runner, Spiderman, Silence of the Lambs, Space: 1999, Blair Witch Project, Video Girl Ai, Evangelion, Sailor Moon, Cinderella, Pinocchio … there are many more. The best part of doing parodies is getting to draw some of the characters you love. And so it goes for Harry Potter.

I didn’t always like Harry Potter. I saw the first movie in a movie theatre when it came out, and I wasn’t too impressed. It seemed too long, and I didn’t get the ending. I couldn’t understand why Professor Quirrell was defeated so easily by simply touching Harry … it seemed like an ending where Harry succeeded simply out of dumb luck or what I thought was a cheap deus ex machina. Had I given the second movie a shot I would have had a change of heart, but the first movie was not that great to me. The first half was how incredibly bad Harry’s life was and the second half literally him shitting luck.

The Order of the Phoenix happened to be on TV one night a number of years later, and I was amazed at how dark it turned. I quickly rewatched the series, and then read all the books over train rides in the span of one month. Now I understand the ending to the first movie, and I can enjoy everything about it.

This was a fun strip to draw. It was great being able to draw Harry, Hermione, and Ginny (the back of Ron’s head makes an appearance and base it on the movie actors’. It’s the kind of strip that would have been at home when the strip was more regular and doesn’t seem forced to me, like many of the THIN H LINE Tumblr strips.

I had a bit of a conundrum at the end trying to figure out exactly how much Ginny would let the reader know that outing Harry wasn’t her primary intention, she was actually trying to sleep with Ron. I don’t like spelling out punchlines, so I hope I got it just right.

You can read the comic here – and yes it’s NSFW [female nudity]:

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