Sexy Losers #277 – “Mother’s Little Helper [1 of 9]”

Drawing this series is uneasy for me. I kind of lampshaded it with the Gender Incrimination series, which made the point that there was something to the fact that the mother-son incest storyline was less horrible than a father-daughter incest storyline. Mind you, both are not acceptable in any sense, but in fiction, one is a little more digestible than the other. Yet, I still had requests for the Shibata story to continue, so maybe I can find ways to push the envelope a little further.

I had this idea for an extended Shibata story for a long time, but the problem with Sexy Losers stories is the four panel format and that every fourth panel must have some kind of meaningful “punchline”. I had this problem with the Shiunji and the Suicide Girl series, which is why it took so long to finish. So one day I sat down and planned the whole story out and drew storyboards for all nine strips. So it shouldn’t take me 15 years to finish it.

I made the unfortunate decision to add Tic Tacs to the dialogue, not knowing that they would play a small part in the 2016 American election.

I originally had a reason for why Mrs. Shibata was drinking so much wine. In the original story I had, her husband left her for a woman who did Marvel cosplay. But it was already going to be nine strips, so that detail got scrapped and instead he’s gone on a business trip.

I’m sorry this is starting off slow, but it will go somewhere interesting I hope. These first few strips are just laying down the groundwork.

You can read the strip here, and this is NSFW (male & female nudity):

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