Sexy Losers #275


Before we get back to business, let me apologize for the mess I caused two weeks ago. What happened was I installed a new plugin/theme for this site — Monstroid — and it came with a bunch of unwanted sample data which got interpreted as new posts. This caused a lot of problems as these sample posts got posted everywhere this site was linked to — my twitter, tumblr, facebook, and livejournal as part of all this. I apologize and I’m still cleaning up the mess. I’ve since deleted the plugin, and I’m not going to use it ever again. Worst $20.00 I’ve spent.

This is the first original Sexy Losers I’ve drawn since 2011. Although it’s an idea I’ve tried to wrap up ten years ago, when I initially planned the trilogy I didn’t have a strong punchline for the third strip. In the original script, Touro just thinks better of it and goes back to hitting on Madame X. But last month I thought of a new punchline: that Touro’s strip gets hit with the gender switch instead. This feels like a more satisfying conclusion and allows me to draw Touro and his friends as women. Who knows if they stay that way.

It was a lot of fun drawing big again. The Tabashi panel was particularly fun to draw, and so was the final panel.

The thing about the Tabashi strips is that it made it a lot harder to write Shibata strips full well knowing how I’ve made the double standard clear. Part of me feels like a hypocrite when I consider doing Shibata strips and the two that I did for the Tumblr THIN H LINE series feel a bit off because of it.

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