Later That Night

Later That Night Pages 1-2

You can skip my commentary and go right to the comic here.

When I was working on Strawberry Memory, there was a lot of dialogue I was constantly making and throwing away, lots of subplots I had in my head but eventually had to toss off to keep the story going straight towards the destination I had planned. When Raven starts talking on pages 17 to 18 there was a LOT more dialogue there but I recognized that instead of going towards yet another direction I needed to cut it. But I knew Raven had a story I wanted to tell and eventually it became Later That Night. I hope you read it and like it. It’s a little different in how I approached drawing it, it’s 9 panels a page and has a layer of colour on it. I wanted to get the feeling of darkness and it seemed a simple way of doing it.

Later That Night Page 3
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