Later That Night

Later That Night Page 8 [Final Page]

You can skip my commentary and go right to the full comic here.

Finished! I’m really happy to have a second completed comic on this site — it’s a rare event I complete anything so it feels good to put this aside. I am desperately trying to avoid starting work on “The Morning After” and make this a trilogy. There’s a part of me that really wants to do this, but the other part of me is like no, you really have to start Hattie at some point, and this is the best time to start.

Some reflections:

  • I was able to do a page a week of this and do my other work as well, which means I am producing faster, a good sign.
  • Wren’s sexuality is a part of this and Strawberry Memory but is never explicitly mentioned. It is never mentioned in depression comix as well. This is really on purpose — I wanted the audience not to identify her through that one characteristic. She is more than that, and I wanted her to be more than the “lesbian character”. Pairing her as I did with a heterosexual character — Raven — was interesting for me because of how they approach things. Wren doesn’t have much to say regarding Raven’s experience, but knows she has to say something. It was also fun to set up reader expectation a little. Wren, who we know is a lesbian, shares a really small bed with a nude woman in it and nothing sexual happens at all.
  • Speaking about nude Raven it was challenging to draw a SFW comic with a nude woman in it. Patreon keeps me honest.
  • Wren is not happy about Raven being there. It was going to be talked about at one point but I wanted to keep the focus on Raven’s situation. The reason why Wren soured on Raven before this night was because Raven was the first person Wren came out to, and instead of being supportive was the exact opposite: Raven’s response was “I guess I can’t stay at your place anymore.” Trust and respect are huge things for Wren and hearing that literally broke Wren’s heart — she understood that Raven did not have the same respect for her as Wren did Raven. In reality Raven was just the kind of person who said dumb hurtful things all the time and didn’t really mean it, but having those dumb hurtful things being said about Wren’s sexuality was too much. Because of that incident Wren was very hesitant to come out to anyone else for a long time.
  • Whew! This is a lot! Just read the comic and if you have any comments to add please do!
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