Later That Night

Later That Night Page 5

You can skip my commentary and go right to the full comicĀ here.

This is the continuation of Raven’s monologue. The question I am asking here I think is “Isn’t this a kind of assault ?” Raven doesn’t say no but she doesn’t feel she has the power to say “No.” If she says no things will get worse, as if this is something she knows from experience. It’s not really consent if you feel the possibility of violence is real.

Something I have tried to do with this comic (and all my comics since I got back in 2011) is stay away from the copy paste panel. I’ve tried to vary things panel by panel even though very little movement happens to make it clear you’re reading a comic and not some text over a repeated static picture. I’ve found that when I read comics made by cut and paste it really does pop out at me that it is cut and paste — I think our brain automatically looks for patterns and lets us know when it finds matches. It helps immensely that I enjoy drawing these two characters.

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