Han Shot First

Back in 2011, I was working on the tumblr version of the Thin H Line, the Sexy Losers “sequel” series. I was doing the Star Wars parody (#271 “I Have a Bad Feeling About This”) when I had this idea and I thought it was pretty funny so I drew it quickly in my sketchbook and uploaded it. It was a pretty rough sketch and it wasn’t really meant for anything but giving my five or six followers at the time a quick giggle, but somehow Wil Wheaton of ST:TNG fame found it and reblogged it, making it one of the most popular things I have ever done on Tumblr.


The original sketch. Squint your eyes.


But it was still a shitty sketch.

I had some weird feeling that it would look good on a T-shirt so I inked it and made a version for that purpose, which you see above. At some point Disney bought Star Wars and then I realized that making an unofficial T-shirt based on copyrighted characters wasn’t such a hot idea.

I don’t know if anyone got it, but I drew Han Solo in the carbonite freezing position.

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