For Love and Light

FOR LOVE AND LIGHT #1 “A Strawberry Memory” pages 1-13

This is an incomplete work but I just added a new page this week. This year I wanted to do a bigger work than usual — something that was full sized, something that would stand on its own and I could print up here in Japan. I had a few ideas, but one involving Wren seemed to be the best idea. I wrote up a complete script, started thumbnailing the pages and began to work.

This was supposed to be a Patreon-only comic until it was finished, but it’s proving itself to be a longer story than I initially thought. So I’m posting it here, although the big sized files and three day preview are still Patreon-only features at this point.

You can read all 13 pages here or again, you may just leave it until I finish the whole thing. It’s Wren’s story, a character from depression comix I really enjoy but rarely gets to shine on her own because she is a supporting character rather than a depressed main one. This comic will fix this.

FOR LOVE AND LIGHT #1 “A Strawberry Memory” page 14
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