FOR LOVE AND LIGHT #1 “A Strawberry Memory” page 23

In this page, Wren pulls her hand out but ends up making matters more humiliating. For me, this has been the way it usually goes with dealing with bullies, I could never win and resistance was often seen as entertainment.

Again, when I got to this page I deviated from the script because when I actually got to drawing this scene I could visualize something better. Originally, William (the guy) pushes Wren into the girl behind her, spilling the girl’s drink on the girl, not Wren. But when it came to drawing it, I realized it was complicating things needlessly and decided to keep the focus squarely on Wren. Don’t worry, things turn around for Wren.

You can read the entire story here:

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    I hope things do turn around for Wren. I hate it when bad guys win. Wipe the smirk off that jerk's face!

    C. | 4 months ago Reply

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