For Love and Light

FOR LOVE AND LIGHT #1 “A Strawberry Memory” page 22

In this entry, Wren finds her situation getting a lot worse. I intentionally did this page the same way as the beer dunking one, but the situation is in reverse — it’s not Wren getting the upper hand, and there’s no Misigi to protect her this time.

You can read the entire story here:

FOR LOVE AND LIGHT #1 “A Strawberry Memory” page 23
FOR LOVE AND LIGHT #1 “A Strawberry Memory” page 21
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  • C.

    Oh, here we go, the “Just Joking” Justification, used by bullies everywhere throughout time. Bully says or does something mean and hurtful, then claims he was “just joking, can’t you take a joke, don’t you have a sense of humor?” Victim-blaming.

    Apparently it must work, because they’ve done it forever. The Just Joking Justification is so old it’s mentioned in the Bible (Proverbs 26:18-19).

    I am so hoping Wren knees him in the cajones or stomps on his instep. Then when he’s screaming in pain, she can ask him if he “can’t take a joke”!

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