In this entry, Wren finds her situation getting a lot worse. I intentionally did this page the same way as the beer dunking one, but the situation is in reverse — it’s not Wren getting the upper hand, and there’s no Misigi to protect her this time.

You can read the entire story here:

FOR LOVE AND LIGHT #1 “A Strawberry Memory” page 23
FOR LOVE AND LIGHT #1 “A Strawberry Memory” page 21

April 14, 2019


Oh, here we go, the “Just Joking” Justification, used by bullies everywhere throughout time. Bully says or does something mean and hurtful, then claims he was “just joking, can’t you take a joke, don’t you have a sense of humor?” Victim-blaming.

Apparently it must work, because they’ve done it forever. The Just Joking Justification is so old it’s mentioned in the Bible (Proverbs 26:18-19).

I am so hoping Wren knees him in the cajones or stomps on his instep. Then when he’s screaming in pain, she can ask him if he “can’t take a joke”!

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