For Love and Light

FOR LOVE AND LIGHT #1 “A Strawberry Memory” page 19

In this page, Wren finally drinks. Raven on the other hand, returns to normal. Raven has been a generally belligerent character when she has shown up on other comics and that side needed to be on display somewhere in this comic. I didn’t realize I needed it until two thirds the way down the page, and the page, I think, improved because of it. I believe this is Raven’s adieu in the comic, her job was to give Wren a reason to go to this bar where more important things plotwise happen. In the original script none of the last six pages happen, I’ve gone on a tangent a bit but I still have my eye on the goal. It’s too bad these two have become enemies in depression comics, I kind of like them hanging out together.

You can read the entire story here:

FOR LOVE AND LIGHT #1 “A Strawberry Memory” page 20
FOR LOVE AND LIGHT #1 “A Strawberry Memory” page 18
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