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depression comix #427

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Dove (depressed character #10) continues her story with the antidepressants. I used to have a more negative view of meds from a bad experience with Prozac many moons ago but they have helped me out of some tough jams and I have changed my tune. Once you find the ones that work, they are really a lifesaver.

I think a lot about trying to become a better person, and with the more distance I have from actions in the past it’s easier to see how many things I did were toxic and awful. And even as I try to grow as a better person, the memory of my awfulness just doesn’t go away and I wonder if I can ever make up for it. I do spend more time thinking about the crap than the good times, and when people bring up nostalgic moments in a positive way I get confused and just can’t see it that way.

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