depression comix

depression comix #473 to 494

Yikes. This is the one I have updated here the least, yet it’s the one I’ve spent most time on.  Twenty plus comics have come and gone since February.

There isn’t much change here, with the major exception that Raven is a more balanced character nowadays, and there is more focus on Phoenix. Occasionally I did a comic with a person with a mask or something and caught hell.  It reminds me of a long time long ago I drew a penis in a comic, and now I wonder about the world where these two are comparably offensive.

As I approach #500, I wonder if I should end it there. It seems for me I’ve said all I can say, and the older comics which were more direct are lost in the sheer number of comics in there.  To be honest, I’ d rather focus on the characters that got created in the strip, and let them have more freedom than being in a four panel comic that has to be related to mental illness in some way.  I’ll have to think about it some more.

depression comix #496
depression comix #473
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