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depression comix #472

You can see the whole comic here.

I drew this at the dawn of the New Year, in the first few days of January. This was a time of general uneasiness, and it really shows in the comic. Usually I draw more cautiously optimistic comics at the beginning of the year but rarely do I just let the negativity hang out with this one. I posted this for some Patreon supporters and bang, January 6th happened.  It didn’t take long for 2021 to become a shit show.

I hadn’t drawn Jay in quite a while.  She was supposed to be a regular, but somehow she slipped off the radar because I was planning to do another “Strawberry Memory” type with her and Robin.  So over a hundred strips later, she makes a reappearance.  She has had financial success in the meantime — she is in a room overlooking the sunrise on the water.  I haven’t drawn her in quite some time so it feels a bit off, but it’s been over three years. Sorry Jay!!

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