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depression comix #467

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I admire the people who have the courage to post their face to the world.  It’s something I don’t do that often myself. I have a picture on Patreon but that’s because it was suggested to have one to build trust. I don’t like how I look, I never did.  This is against my belief in everyone’s beauty, and I, like many people, feel like an ugly weed in a field of lilies.

This character was someone I wanted to do more of.  I hadn’t pulled her into the series in quite some time, she is a difficult character to draw for me.  I originally drew her back in #230 with acne scars because many people have them and too few comic characters have them.  This character struggles with them and her skin condition, and wants the same confidence other people just seem to have, but knowing it’s too shaky to take the risk.  I was wavering on the name of the social site she uses, and settled on “Instagrat”, a combination of Instagram and gratification.

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