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depression comix #465

You can read the whole strip here.

“Armchair therapists” is a term I want to be more popular. People who have very little training in psychology and mental illness spouting advice that is completely and utterly unhelpful.  I originally wrote this strip with very different dialogue but I didn’t like it and I scrambled a bit knowing I had a drawn strip with no usable dialogue for it.  I rewrote the dialogue so that the non-depressed person is more of an asshole than he was in the first draft. For better or worse that’s the thing about a lot of depcom strips is that they are more often than not sitting around talking so it’s not that difficult to completely rewrite a strip.

depression comix #466
depression comix #464
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  • Julia M.

    Yeah. I hate armchair therapists. “Oh, you have OCD? Why don’t you just resist it?” Yeah sure person, I can just “resist it”. It’s not like OCD made my life a living hell.

    And, unfortunately, if you say you have depression, a bunch of them will come out of the woodwork. It’s ridiculous. Nobody tells anyone how to better manage their physical illnesses.

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