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depression comix #457

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Continuing the storyline. One thing about the particular storyline is that it is kind of a marker, where pre-covid depcom becomes post-covid depcom. The world has changed, and the strip needs to reflect that.

When I posted this yesterday, there were a number of people denying this stuff ever happens. But in this case, I really took the dialogue from instances where it did. The “fucking … sheep” comes from a CostCo video and the “democratic pig” line comes from a Trader Joes video, both cases in which people went into rant mode when told to wear a mask. I really didn’t have to make anything up, I had lots of material from the steady stream of videos in my Twitter feed.

I really wanted a strip to capture this. That there was a time when people coughed on other people on purpose, where people taking precautions were mocked. I still can’t believe this happens, yet we have the videos that prove it.

I had a number of people on Facebook speak out about this strip, trying to gaslight me and tell me this never happens. Interesting since I didn’t make this up.

We live in terrible times, with terrible people showing their true colours. I hope we make it out.

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