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depression comix #456

You can read the comic on the depcom site here.

I really didn’t expect the response from #455.  Handling the response took days, and I received hundreds of comments from people who felt similar but also comments from people who took issue with mask wearing, or saying you don’t need masks outside and citing the flimsiest evidence for their claims. I did #455 three weeks ago and even now those comments have not aged well as the pandemic has gotten worse. Countries with mask wearing have faired much better than those who didn’t, and now there are anti-maskers who are sheepishly admitting that masks are a good thing.

One of the bad points about the #455 was I really should have drawn more people in the third panel, but I was thinking that a crowd gathering outside Robin’s home would just be weird. So for #456, I decided to make it less ambiguous as to what the point I was making.  I drew more people and I made it closer.  After a week of it being posted, there was little controversy on this one.

depression comix #457
depression comix #455
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