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depression comix #455

When I first posted this strip on my Patreon, I was really hesitant about it. Part of the problem was the third panel. I got lazy and decided to draw only five people, so I thought maybe the point would be lost. The other part was that #blacklivesmatter was capturing the attention of the world so I thought it was a little out of touch.  I talked to the people who support the comic on Patreon and it was agreed that I should hold off on it and instead I drew what became #454. After posting them on Patreon and letting it settle for a couple of days I posted it on the site and on social networks and went on.

What I didn’t expect at all was that it became the most shared comic I have drawn in a long time… amassing over 6K likes and 2.7K retweets on Twitter. I had to spend a lot of time because people were giving me a hassle about masks (I have worn a mask every day since February), but it was a bit of a surprise. I honestly don’t know what makes a good comic.


depression comix #456
depression comix #454
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