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depression comix #445

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I was thinking about how I deal with things at work when I’m depressed. And it’s not simply faking a smile, it’s totally about getting into a character that allows me to interact and get through the day without succumbing to whatever I’m feeling, as well as to stop people from being concerned when they see my face. I have used the smile card as a prop before, but this isn’t just a quick smile, this is building a person you want people to see so you can get on with the stuff underneath undisturbed.

I get occasional mail from people who deal with the aftereffects of someone’s suicide, and they can’t understand how it happened, they seemed so absolutely normal before it happened. And I think about it, and wondered if it was because they had succeeded in creating that outside character to throw off concern.

I do like the mask though. I had trouble with the design until I realized it should go over the hair to make it clear it’s a mask, and to remove the details (I originally wanted it to be more of a clown mask but it added detail, it looks better as a bland happy face).

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