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depression comix #435

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This is a continuation of the series that began in 419 and continued in 421, 428, 430 and 434. Instead of showing the act I decided to allude to it with a cloud of blood in water. It was just me trying out some different brushes in Clip Studio Pro. I thought of making it red instead of the standard black and white of the comic but in the end I thought it looked better with a bit of ambiguity. You know what it is if you read the previous comic, but just looks like some random scribbles if you haven’t.

Yeah, I did feel like this at one time. A lot of people have. It’s based on a single belief that you will never get better and this will continue for as long as you live. Thankfully I’ve found that it wasn’t the case. But these comics are really the core of what depression comix is about, this feeling and trying to express it. I added a bit of text to the header to make it clearer what I’m trying to do here so that the strip wasn’t taken as reality or my own personal suicide note. This is me talking about about feelings I once had in the bluntest possible terms.

I hope that people read this strip and understand a little better. When you’re suicidal you’re not necessarily doing it to be a coward or get attention, or what not. You’re doing it because you can’t escape the suffering in your own head. Nobody can see or feel that suffering but the person themselves.

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