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depression comix #423

You can read the comic on the depression comix site here.

I got a big promotion this month this pretty much how I felt about it. The next one (424) is also how I feel about it.

Because of the promotion, I didn’t have any time to do this by hand, so I mainly did this on computer. I used a thicker version of my normal brush — 80 pixels against my regular 20 — and this helped me keep the feel of the original comics. I still wanted a handmade look so I printed it out and coloured it with Copic markers. My mistake was colouring it on an inkjet print out. The inkjet ink bled into the paper and mixed with the Copics which I did not expect, you can see it when you look a little closer. I usually print it out using a laser copier before coloring, but I got a little lazy (I have to go to a convenience store to use a copier). It was an interesting experiment … and I think it looks like earlier strips if you don’t look too closely at it.

depression comix #424
depression comix #422
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