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depression comix #418

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Recently, in order to tease out ideas I’ve been drawing these comics in a kind of backwards way, where instead of planning everything out before I draw, I draw it and then I see where the scripting takes me. When I was writing this out I realized how much depression was something physical — something that gets overlooked a lot. We all get the “it’s in the mind” but when you’re feeling depression it is very much a physical event.  The lack of energy, the listlessness, the weight of ourselves is something that we physically feel, not something we think. No amount of happy thoughts can get us through these periods when our very body prevents us from being able to do anything.

When I’m depressed, this particular scenario happens a LOT. Unable to do anything. Unable to sleep. Just trapped in my bed. At some point enough spoons are saved so that you can leave but it takes a long time to generate those. This is a situation where medications can certainly help because they generally help you bypass this and help you do what you need to do.

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