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depression comix #417

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When I have holidays, I really just want to be left alone. Or at least spend time with people I enjoy being with. But winter holidays are stacked with obligations, doing things you really don’t want to do and being with people you don’t really want to be with. I find it more exhausting than work, and often I thought about how great it would be sitting at my desk in silence rather then endure the presence of people I can barely tolerate meeting once a year.

A great thing about being an adult on your own is that a lot of that goes away. Not all, but some. At some point meeting that creepy drunk uncle or that aunt that disapproves of all your life choices becomes something you don’t have to do anymore.

I really think there SHOULD be a self-care day. A reminder that you have to take care of yourself, and I think it’s something we need more and more. An official day for yourself, to look forward to and do what you need to release the steam that builds up every day.

As for the comic, I can honestly say I enjoy drawing these two together.  Although I never got into their backstory I imagine that these two have been friends for a long time, doing all night movie watching and talking about anything that comes to mind. It’s kind of modeled after a friendship I had in high school and university, and I have to admit a lot of who I am today doing these comics is a result of that friendship. That friend let me be who I am and introduced me to some really great art. Where Robin has a romantic relationship with Wren, I feel that Hong has a deeper understanding of Robin. Hong is one of the only two people in Robin’s life she is OK with her scars showing.

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