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depression comix #414

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The Surface Pro I had gotten early in the year had a faulty charging port, and I did what I could with it until I just couldn’t wiggle the cable enough to get it to charge. I sent it in and it meant being without a computer for a week, and it was a long week. Instead of just taking a week off, which I considered, I thought it might be an idea to do something with the brush pens I don’t use too much anymore, and do a strip in the style of the very first one I did way back in September, 2011. I thought it might be a statement on relapses, as if the style of the comic relapsed as well as the character.

This gave me a few problems. One was the brush pens were pretty dodgy from not being used, and second, I had to rely on my old method of using a photocopier to make a copy I could colour with Copics and finding a photocopier that was actually clean enough to make a decent copy was frustrating.

Surprisingly this did get a good reaction for something that was just intended to be filler. Sometimes problems end up being opportunities, it seems.

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