depression comix #320

This is one of the worrying aspects of depression, when things that are supposed to make you feel happy just don’t. Or you feel good but it doesn’t last, the feeling of happiness passes far more quickly than it should. In my position, it made me double guess and triple guess the good things in my life because good things never ever felt all that good, and it made me believe that I was making the same mistakes that led me to my depression. I’m not sure that this is a universal feeling, but I did come across some research that depressed people did feel good for shorter periods of time than non-depressed, although I can’t find that paper anymore.

At the time, an acquaintance I hadn’t spoken to for years called up and asked me if I wanted a small part time teaching gig at a school teaching Scratch for a really nice sum. Instead of happy, I felt incredibly anxious and overwhelmed and worried tremendously about it. I did it, it wasn’t that bad, but when good fortune happens it really scares the crap out of me. It makes me sink into a deep blue spell. What people think of me has got to be awful.

This comic also features the sister, who has turned out to be a really good model for a listener. She just listens, doesn’t judge, and it seems to me that she always loves her brother. She’s a good example of what family should do, and that is be supportive. I like this character, although I really should have drawn her wearing a hijab from the beginning. It was a missed opportunity and I kick myself every time I draw her because of it.

Almost all the characters find themselves at Coffee Star at some point. I am really pushing this non-existing brand.

You can read the comic here >>


    Don't kick yourself. Representation for the sake of representation can lead to tokenism pretty easily. If she wasn't the hijab type since the beginning, maybe she shouldn't be, especially if good relationship runs in the family and she isn't under the threat of death, like it usually happens. Besides, hijab is difficult to aproach to correctly and Islam discourages (bans) drawing living creatures, especially humans, anyway.

    UsagiToxic | 1 year ago Reply

      It wouldn't be representation for the sake of representation, it would be a chance to show support for Muslims in a time when they really need it. Especially considering that this is a comic about depression, and currently there is a high rate of depression among Arab-Americans. And is representation important? Yes it is. If I mess up with the hijab I hope there will be people to correct me and I look forward to what they will teach me. Islam banning the drawing of living creatures doesn't have anything to do with me anyways.

      clay | 1 year ago Reply

        Was I even implying that representation wasn't important to deserve the teaching link? My English isn't perfect, but I believe I didn't write "representation isn't important". I am no authority over this comic, but why in order to show support for Muslims you need a girl in hijab? Girls get killed over not wearing one right and left. If anything, they need support, because not only they still can and go get shitted on over being Muslim, they get shit from their own community. Just a tip who also has a high rate of depression - girls and women who live under Muslim governments and are forcibly degraded to sub-humans on government level, along with people who have the very real possibility of joining them, myself included. It's convenient to support Muslims when you are not surrounded by them.

        usagitoxic | 1 year ago Reply

          If whatever portrayal I make is erroneous or misleading or hateful, I'm sure I will be corrected on it. No, I don't live in an area "surrounded" by Muslims but I don't think that's relevant to what I'm doing here.

          clay | 1 year ago Reply

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