depression comix #317

This post may be a little confusing. Most strips in depression comix tend to be able to stand on their own, but with this character’s thread, it follows a story and knowing what happened earlier may be necessary to figure out what’s going on. In this series, the female (who doesn’t have depression) finds herself in a relationship controlled by the suicidal urges of her boyfriend.  When she decides she’s had enough and leaves, she is told that her boyfriend has died from suicide. The story then follows her through survivor’s guilt.

The strip by itself can be read here ->

The thread can be read by clicking on the character’s icon on that page or by going here ->

This story is a long time coming and I planned it out way back when I introduced these characters. I wish stories like this weren’t true, but it is often the case that when someone close to you dies by suicide, you have to deal with grief, sadness, loss, and trying to pick up the pieces, all the while navigating survivor’s guilt and the people in your life who need to point the finger at someone, in this case you. This is another part of the puzzle that is depression and I think a necessary angle to get the entire picture of how depression not only affects the sufferer but those around them.

Small Easter egg: Someone wrote “killer” on the character’s locker. The locker with “Killer” on it can be seen in the background of strip #308.


    I'm loving the continuity in this storyline. Good work.

    gabrielle | 1 year ago Reply

    I like it as well. I noticed the locker in #308 and immediately associated it with this character. I knew there would be more to it at some point. Inflicting survivors guilt on others as been the main thing that has held me back over the past several years. I can't imagine anyone feeling anything other than relief, but my family keeps telling me different. The emotional part of my brain can't believe that they are sincere, but the rational part tells me to listen to them.

    FML | 1 year ago Reply

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