depression comix #316

This strip is about when we need to backpedal on our feelings and comfort those around us because of our depression. I think many of us have been here, and the sad knowing that those times we could use comfort we end up being the ones who have to give it instead.

This was a good strip in that it opened the conversation a bit on how to react when someone discusses suicide. It’s easy to freak out, but harder to keep in mind that for many depressed people, they consider suicide a lot with varying degrees of seriousness in their daily life and this kind of thinking is natural. This doesn’t mean that they have reached the level where they are actively planning it out. But in any case, the best way to handle it is a “do you want to talk about it?” and not to immediately threaten to call the police. The reason? It is likely they will never open up again if you do, and that puts them in greater danger. If they become serious about suicide, you will become the person they will try to hide it from the most.

I understand how to deal with suicide talk is not something we all get or have the training for. This is why greater understanding is necessary, and we have to work harder to remove those stereotypes of suicidal people that tend to mask the real signs.

A lot of this is from my own experience. When I was sliding down the slippery slope I opened up about my desire for death and I got a similar reaction. I immediately cut that person out of my life (in fairness to her, she didn’t try to stick around either). And I lost another barrier along my route towards doing the final deed.

From the mug cup on the table, I can tell this was the week Leonard Cohen died. The picture on the mug cup is from his album The Future, and in 1997 I had that tattooed on my arm. I miss you, Leonard Cohen.

Read the strip here.

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