depression comix #314

When people don’t understand that just getting out of bed is a major accomplishment when you’re in the depths, talking about exercise and volunteering sounds like goals for other, very different people.

It isn’t to slag exercise or volunteering, but the deeper your depression goes, the more those kinds of goals become out of reach.

After posting this, I did get the usual “but exercise worked for me!” posts that kind of missed the point. There’s a scale to depression that I think exists and not only are people on different places on the scale but their place changes from moment to moment as well. I enjoy running, but I also have times where it takes all my energy to lift my head. So advice like this isn’t particularly helpful when I’m in the darker side of the scale, when managing the essentials of my life is a challenge in itself let alone going for a run.

As for the strip itself, it was nice to return to this kind of comic, it’s the kind of comic that depcom started off as being, and it returns to the two characters that started the strip. One person mentioned in the comics that they’d like to see these two get together, but that will not happen because she just cannot understand depression. She believes that if she says the right thing he’ll snap out of it, which we know isn’t going to happen. He has a strong tendency to shut people out which is not exactly great for relationships. It’s really based on a totally platonic friendship I had in university that dissolved itself.

You can read the strip here:

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