depression comix #312

This comic started as something else. I wrote the first three panels about eight months ago, and it was supposed to be about how important it is to be skeptical about information that you see on the internet. Not just about depression, but everything. Unfortunately I couldn’t think about how to end it, so I left it for another day.

Nowadays, thanks to this year’s election, there has been a lot more information and misinformation that we have to sort through. People believe a lot what is said without checking for accuracy. Now a lot of this is just human nature — we tend to accept without question information that fits in with our world view and we rarely question the source. But a lot of information nowadays seems to be tuned towards making us fear the future and hate each other. This cannot be a good environment for mental health,

But back to depression. One of the things I’ve gotten when I dismiss something is that if I haven’t tried everything, I’m not really suffering. I thought this would make a good final panel because I’m sure others have heard it too. The problem is that there is so many depression “cures” being peddled, one cannot try them all and one shouldn’t. Some of it is clickbait, some of it is to make a buck off of vulnerable people. It’s hard to tell what is fake and what is real, and knowing how to determine an article’s validity is such an important skill nowadays.

I worked briefly for a company that was tied to Google, and one of our jobs was to determine the quality of homepages that came up in a Google search. It had a list of things we should look for such as contact information, reputation, and whether or not the page was copied and pasted content. We had to be thorough, and it was a good experience (but I quit anyways, it was a high pressure part-time job). But maybe these skills are a necessary part of daily life now and need to be taught so we don’t have world-impacting decisions made while appealing to our gullibility.

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