depression comix #311

This is the return of the neurons from way back in depression comix #15. I always meant to bring them back, and now I have that chance. I’d like to do more strips with them if there’s an idea worth bringing them back for. I like drawing the little mitochondria and golgi apparatus inside. Makes me feel like I could get something useful out of my high school biology.

For the neuron panels I went back to using the big brush pens that I used nearly exclusively for the first part of the comic (recently I switched to pen and ink) and it was a bit fun to do. Especially without worrying about spilling ink everywhere.

About the actual comic itself, it really is hard to accept a compliment. I thought this might be a comical way of representing it. Despite the comic being about depression, I try to use humor as much as possible, even when it’s really dark.

Please take a look at the strip here ->

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