depression comix #310

This one continues the storyline in which a woman deals with first her boyfriend’s suicide threats and then his suicide after she decides to leave him. It’s now on it’s third act, survivor’s guilt. It’s been a while since I went to this series — 10 months — but I have really battled how to depict survivor’s guilt and that led to about a half-dozen false starts that never got past the layout stage. Sometimes it’s really difficult to condense what needs to be said into a four panel strip while leaving room for visuals and this was one of them.

Unfortunately these strips are the least loved of all the storylines. I think that’s one of the reasons I put this storyline off, because it is the trickiest to deal with and the hardest (I think) for depressed people to read, because it’s about the fallout of a depressed person’s actions.


Read the strip:

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    This storyline may not be popular, but it is necessary for some of us to be reminded of how our actions affect those around us. Depression lies, and one of it's more convincing lies is that our family and friends will be relieved once we are gone. The depiction of survivor's guilt is a reality check for us. Popular or not, sometimes the truth is painful and some of us need to be reminded of it regularly wether or not we want to. Thank you for being willing to hit us with the truth.

    FML | 1 year ago Reply

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