depression comix #309

It’s hard to do metaphor strips but they’re satisfying when I can get one out. I think this is one that really succeeds in explaining itself; being in the pit makes perception difficult; it’s hard to see the help because you’re in the dark. But if you’re not in the pit, it’s hard to understand the other’s perspective when everything is in the daylight and so obvious. To me, this is the discord between the helper and the helpee in a nutshell.

I had this in my notebook for months before doing it in good. I wasn’t completely sold on the idea, but deadlines have a way to make you reconsider weak ideas, and I stand by what I have said earlier: it’s better to update with a bunt than not to update at all. I think I was also afraid of having to draw that ladder. Having to draw something new always makes me worry about drawing a strip.

The reaction to this strip was fantastic, which surprised me considering how long it languished in my notebook before I had the confidence to make it a strip. It was the first strip in a long time to get some serious reblogs on Tumblr, and it got some love on Facebook.

You can read the strip here:

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