depression comix #304

I was taking some flak a couple of months ago once again for somehow saying depression is good and a” wonderful thing to have” and that being happy is wrong. I don’t know where some people get this idea, I like to think I’m quite clear in that depression is awful and kills you, and if I could have those decades back without depression I would do it in an instant. So I decided to go back a little and talk about the day I made that decision and paint it in the absolute blackest terms.

This is how depression gives you false hope. You think you’re doing better because suddenly you have motivation and energy, but it’s because you’ve been tricked into thinking you’re recovering but you’re not. The end game of depression is death, and it has you marching towards its goal.

I still don’t think this comic is dark enough. I know I need to go further, because I still get these comments. This comic must be clear in its goal not to glorify depression but to make it under no uncertain terms terrifying to have.

You can read the comic here:


    I still can’t understand how anybody could interpret your work as “glamourizing” depression. You do let other people get a sense of what life is like with depression and you remind those of us with depression that we are not alone. I appreciate that you are willing to depict suicidal thoughts in such stark terms. I have told family members when we have discussed this topic that one of the hardest parts of living with depression is knowing that your worst enemy is your own mind. When your own mind is actively trying to kill you, you can’t trust your own thoughts and feelings. You have to constantly question your perceptions. Nothing glamorous or wonderful about that. It is a frightening and exhausting way to go through life. Thanks again for all you do to help people understand this illness.

    Corey | 2 years ago Reply

      Thanks for your kind words. I think it's a matter of people seeing only a small sampling of strips, or just assuming that a comic strip about depression would be light hearted because all comic strips are supposed to be funny. I do occasionally step back a bit and make a more light-hearted comic after a comic about suicide for example, and this could give the wrong impression.But on the other hand it does remind me why we need this discussion in the first place.

      clay | 2 years ago Reply

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